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Pierre Perpall

Pierre Perpall

 Pierre Perpall

In Miami, Vegas and throughout Canada, Pierre Perpall is an entertainer who creates a sensation wherever he goes!

Pierre Perpall has seen and done it all from the Woodstock days to vintage Vegas, disco and pop days of the late 70’s and 80’s.

He sings about his experiences from the heart with a passion that never fails to move true music lovers. He creates strong sensations he is whether backed by his band or by high tech sound system.

Pierre Perpall gives audiences a thrilling performance of unforgettable songs, dance & musicianship.

With original & updated arrangements, Pierre Perpall takes the audience on a trip to the most beautiful pop music & ballads of the 60’s to today. Pierre Perpall’s show is dynamic yet tender. Fond memories will come alive and you will feel transported.

Charisma, stage presence, unique pop dance style and a voice that can adapt to any style and a very large repertoire from pop, crooner and soul are his traits. Don’t miss out on the entertainer, the chameleon of music!

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